This book will teach and equip you to move from where you are to where you want to be. The Ordinary Millionaire covers 7 principles that are widely applied by the Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

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64 % of men are stressed about their finances.
37% of woman say that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work.
42% of women have student
79% say their student loans have a significant impact on their financial goals.
The 6 Defining questions to ask yourself!
  • 01: What do you really want in life?
  • 02: Why do you want this?
  • 03: Why don't you already have it?
  • 04: What is your plan?
  • 05: What's the first action needed for you to get going?
  • 03: How will you know that you are successful?s
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Very few words have the power to ignite such extreme
human emotions as the word ‘MONEY’ does. A lot of people grapple with this concept in their own personal way. Sadly, they also live lives of ‘quiet desperation’ when it comes to money. One of the biggest shortcomings in modern society is the lack of education available on money and personal
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